Brain Breaks for Big Kids... that aren't lame!

I love Brain Breaks. But for years, I could NEVER remember to do them! I would have them all saved on my phone, but would never remember to pull them out.

I needed notes, or "cheat sheets," that were stored conspicuously in the room.

So I made some. And I want to share them with you!

Let me send you one Brain Break card every day for a week! Right to your inbox!

I recommend you print and laminate them, and then hang them from a binder ring on your door.

I hope you and your students love them as much as we do!

© Jenna Smith 2023. This download is for your classroom. Please do not post online. Duplication for an entire school, an entire school system, or for commercial purposes is strictly forbidden. Please have other teachers download their own copy.

"I promise... they really aren't lame!"

Brain Breaks

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